Enchantimals characters and their prototypes from the wild

We collect promotional photos of Enchantimals dolls with their pets, and select their prototypes from wildlife.

Felicity Fox & Flick, rabbits, enonty and others! By the spring-summer of 2019, some of the heroines came out already in several different variations (as well as in game sets) – look at the photo.

Andie Alligator & Marshy



Sela Sloth & Treebody


Tamika Tree Frog & Burst

Larissa Lemur & Ringlet

Lemur. Apparently, from Madagascar. Even the color of the eyes of the doll is yellow, like a real lemur.

Mayla mouse & fondue


Cailey Cow & Curdle


Liora Lion & Snazzy

Lion (comes in a set of several dolls: 6 dolls Enchantimals Natural Friends Collection, Amazon Exclusive).

Tanzie tiger & tuft

Tigers Red-black color scheme.

Sancha Squirrel & Stumper


Saffi Swan Doll & Poise

White swans.

Hixby hedgehog & point

Hedgehogs. The first boy in the Enchantimats series!

Peeki Parrot & Sheeny

Parrots Colorful macaw parrots (they are in the photo) are most appropriate for the image of this doll.

Tadley Tiger & Kitty

With large pets: white tiger.

Hedda Hippo & Lake

With large pets: Hippo.

Lluella llama & fleecy

With large pets: llamas. In the photo: Quechua people.

Gillian Giraffe & Pawl

With large pets: giraffes.

Zelena Zebra & Hoofette

With large pets: zebras.

Ekaterina Elephant & Antic

With large pets: elephants. The elephant in the photo: a wild dwarf elephant, first seen in 2013 in Sri Lanka, he is only one and a half meters in height.

Cherish Cheetah & Quick-Quick

Cheetahs The fastest!

Petya Pig & Streusel

Pigs. Petya Pig doll, Streusel pig and one more pig.

Patter peacock & flap


Preena Penguin & Jayla

Penguins. Most of all the doll corresponds to the emperor penguin. Note the yellow details on the face of the doll.

Ohana owl


In the Sleepover Night Owls set, Ohana’s doll comes with two pet-owl figures. The prototype of Ohana Filini is a polar owl (white).

Pawbry Polar Bear & Melt

White (polar) bears.

Winsley Wolf & Trooper

White polar wolf, which is made in the same style with the polar bear and owl. All three – blue hair, light skin tone.

Clarita Clownfish & Cackle

Clown fish, a doll with the function of changing hair color from temperature!

Dolce Dolphin & Largo

Dolphin doll changes hair color depending on temperature.

Jessa Jellyfish & Marisa

Medusa, the doll changes hair color depending on the temperature.

Sandella seahorse

Sea Horses.

Cameo crab & chelsea

Crab Cameo Crab and Chelsea, as well as another smaller crab.

Starling Starfish & Idyl

Sea stars.

Raelin Raccoon & Pester


Prue panda & nari


Merit Monkey & Compass


Karina Koala & Dab

Koala. In fact, koalas in the photo are usually kare-or blue-eyed, the doll has green eyes.

Blyss Bunny & Oatsy

Another rabbit. Gentle yellowish-beige shade, pink ears.

Bree Bunny & Twist

White Rabbit.

Fluffy Bunny & Mop

Fluffy rabbit yellowish.

Bren Bear & Snore

Older and bigger bear cub called Snore, smaller (brown) – Zia

Danessa Deer & Sprint

Deer with golden horns.

Fanci Flamingo & Swash

Pink flamingo. In the Let’s Flamingle set there were two flamingo figures, in a later edition Fancy came out with one pet-bird figure.

Felicity Fox & Flick


Lorna lamb & flag


Sage Skunk & Caper


Taylee Turtle & Bounder


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