Defy gravity: robot Nexo Air-Walker walks on walls and windows

Walking on walls or windows … do you think this is fantasy? Today you yourself can build a robot that does just that. Thanks to the magic of science, an Air-Walker from Thames & Cosmos has invaded gravity.

Nexo Air-Walker

This STEM toy is intended for children aged 8 years and older. The kit contains all the components that children need to create their own robot. The kit includes a very detailed build guide (24 pages) that explains all the steps to build your Air Walker. Guide made in the style of a graphic novel or comic strip that makes the process unique and entertaining.

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Once you assemble the robot, you will be able to experience the capabilities of Nexo on a horizontal surface. This must be done to make sure that it works correctly. Then you can go to walls, windows and other vertical surfaces.

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For the robot to function, the surface must be completely flat and dust free. Dust will prevent Nexo from rising, so it is best to wipe the suction cups more often with a damp paper towel.

Nexo Air-Walker buy it now robot

Once your child has built the basic Nexo mold, they will be able to continue their robotics training by rebuilding the Nexo in four additional configurations using the same details. Step-by-step instructions for these models are also included in the manual. Total as many as 5 models!

Air-Walker is a fun, entertaining step into the world of robots. Robots can do amazing things – and now you can easily see for yourself! In the kit you will find 75 parts for 5 experiments (assembly of five robot models, one at a time).

Release Date & Price & Where to Buy?

The robot’s release date is October 2019. As of now, it can be bought on Amazon. The price for one kit is $ 29.99

Short Info:

Manufacturer:Thames & Cosmos
Age: 3+
Gender: Male & Female
Size: 10 x 3.1 x 13 inches
Regular price:$29.99
Start of sales:October, 2019.
Where to Buy?Amazon Exlusive
Item Weight 1.19 pounds


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