Cutetitos Burrito Surprise Series 3 new patterns. Collect all 12 Stuffed Animals

Hey wait a minute, this is not just a burrito, it’s a Cutetitos. There’s adorable little furry friends all wrapped up inside of the tortilla. This looks so real. Unwrap it and see which little cutie plushies on the inside. So if we just start to unwrap the burrito you can start to reveal which pet it is. Which Cutetitos will you unwrape? You can collect all 12 stuffed animals. Unroll Cutetitos a furry friend and find your new best friend.

On the packaging itself you will find the inscription:

Cutetitos take burrito naps, all warm and snuggly. Unwrap a slothito, puppito or catito and discover its hot spot personality.

When you opened the packaging, a new packaging awaits for you, or rather a blanket in the form of a burrito. Very realistic blanket. In the burrito blanket itself is hidden your surprise. Expand the blanket and you will see it.

If you do not know what character do you have got. You can take advantage pet collector card, which also comes in the set. Thanks for pet collector card you will find out exactly who you got and also get the best information about your pet:

  • what is his name
  • when is his birthday
  • his motto

Perhaps you got a mysterious character? A character who does not even have a picture and no one has seen him. Only the name of such a character is known: fluffito.

Each pet has a special mark on its back, in the form of pepper. Depending on the color of the mark, you can understand what class your pet is. For example:

Discover what inside?

  • spicy (lilac)
  • hot (red colour)
  • mild (orange)
  • medium (purple)

What included in Cutetitos Burrito Surprise

  • pet collector card
  • one pet (surprise)
  •  burrito blanket

Features Cutetitos Burrito Surprise Series 3

  • Size

Toys of this series have 19 cm in length

  • Material

Such toys are very, very soft and nice to touch

  • Characters

In the third series, the number of characters increased. Now you can collect 12 pets including birds, pets.

  • Patterns

Perhaps the most important change in the third series was the new patterns.

Cutetitos Burrito are the only toys with such realism. Burrito blanket well just like two drops of water looks like a real burrito. 12 collectible animals from 3 series including a Chihuahito, Catito, Puppito, Sealito, Pigito, even a Walrusito and more! What pet will you have when open your burrito. Just try!

Release Date:

You can buy the 3 series Cutetitos Burrito only from November 15th-17th. But if you do not want to wait or are afraid to miss the start of sales, then right now you can pre-order Amazon in USA. As soon as the start of sales begins, you will immediately receive your order.


One set Cutetitos Burrito costs only $ 9,97. For this price, your child will receive a new, friend and beloved pet. Agree very low price happy your child. This toys In Stock now on American Amazon.


Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 7 x 14 x 25 cm (2.8 x 5.5 x 9.8 inches)
Regular price:$9.97
Start of sales:November 15th-17th, 2019.
Where to Buy?Amazon Exlusive
Item Weight 190 grams (6.7 ounces)

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