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Studying science has never looked so beautiful! Growing your own set of jewelry – how could this be imagined? And now it is possible!

In just three steps, children can explore the science of gems and minerals, while at the same time creating their own seven projects with crystals.

The kit includes everything you need to make three pendant necklaces for pendants, two rings, a pair of earrings and a giant decorative crystal.

Yes, this is growing crystals, but then these crystals will become your jewelry!

The kit also includes clear, detailed instructions for each stage of making the jewelry. Starting from pre-mixing the solution to observing the growth of crystals. Possible errors and inaccuracies that must be avoided are also considered.

Each project has its own characteristics, but the tips in the instructions will not allow children to make a mistake. Also, there are tips on how to make changes to the project to make something of their own.

So, what are the jewelry making steps and the particularities of the set?

First, children study the science of crystals: what are they, how are they different from gems, and how do they grow.

Then it is proposed to perform simple steps to implement one of seven projects and grow your crystal for the future of jewelry. Included are special shapes on which crystals will grow.

The last step is the easiest: wear your own crystal jewelery and share your impressions with your friends and family!

For example, you can make these earrings:

When working you will need to show some patience. It takes time for the crystals to form normally. In some projects it is only a few hours, but for some others it is at least a night and even more.

Paint and powder for the growth of crystals is also in the set, but some minor additions will be needed, which will need to be prepared before starting work, including a can, clean water (preferably distilled), markers, nail polish, etc.

And most importantly – you will need a light, spacious “laboratory”; crystals are not grown in the kitchen, so prepare a suitable place.

Short Description

  • Age: 8+.
  • Manufacturer: Klutz.
  • Recommended price: $ 22.99.
  • Where to buy: Amazon


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