Board game Squeezamals Freeze N Squeeze

Squeezamals Freeze 'N' Squeeze Game by Big G buy in USa

Squeezamals Freeze N Squeeze is a very fun and unusual game. This game combines a collectible and a fun team game: a very modern solution!

Squeezamals Freeze 'N' Squeeze Game by Big G

Together with your pet we go to an ice cream parlor!

Prepare a sweet treat for your Squeezamal. And don’t get caught when the presenter shouts: Freeze!

Cute velor animals Squeezamals have a unique feature – squeeze, release, watch how the toy returns to its original shape.

In this game, children make a delicious treat for a pet Squeezamal. To start the game, players take three coins each. One player becomes a Spinner player (the lead who will spin the spin and lay out banana ice cream dessert chips), while the others will take turns moving the Squeezamal toy.

Lead starts spinner. If he stops at the image of ice cream, then you need to place one of the Banana Split tiles in the center. Starting to play from the very beginning, from the bottom up: the Spinner player builds a delicious banana dessert (starting with a plate), while other players take turns promoting the hero Squeezamal.

Squeezamals Freeze 'N' Squeeze Game

When a Spinner player places a cherry on top of a banana split, he should shout: (Freeze)! The player who left Squeezamal will have to pay for the treat by placing one of his coins in the center. A fun variation of a hot potato game.

When a player runs out of all coins, the end of the game comes, and the one who has the most coin tokens wins.

It is noteworthy that with this game you get an exceptional collection hero of the Squeezamal collection: this can only be found in this game. Children will be able to play with their Squeezemal, even when the game has been completed.

Squeezamals Freeze 'N' Squeeze Board Game by Big G

The box does not have the ability to store spinner, tiles and tokens inside, so you will need to find a suitable box from what you have at home.The more players, the more fun the game becomes! The party time is approximately 15 minutes, so you do not have time to get bored, here everything happens very quickly and dynamically. Fun game for a children’s holiday.

Short Description: Price. Where to buy?

  • Age: 6+.
  • A game for 4-8 players.
  • Party time: 15-20 minutes.
  • Manufacturer: Big G Creative.
  • Recommended price: $ 12.99.
  • Where to buy: Target, Wallmart


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