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One of the most anticipated toys of 2019 is dolls growing from a flowerpot.


There are 22 dolls to collect. These are totally awesome. If you’ve never heard of blume dools they’re doold that come out of pots when you water them.  Add water to see who blooms so once you add the water it taker it’s five to ten seconds to grow out your flowerpots.

How does this happen?

You open it you water it and you watch it blume! Just add water and see who Grows!

Blume doll release date

  1. Remove pink label.
  2. Fill with water.
  3. Sprinkle water evenly.
  4. Watch doll Magically Blume (Tip: if doll Blooms slowly add more water).
  5. Remove doll.
  6. Pull out ring.
  7. Open for surprises

SURPRISES INSIDE! Blume Doll Pre-order now

So they come in really adorable pots hard on top with two versions to collect. It’s so addicting to watch them blume.

Full list of all the dolls of the first series.

In the first series you will be able to collect 22 dolls. There are three types of dolls: super rare, rare and adorable. Below you will find all the names of the dolls that are included in the first series.

22 blume doll buy now

  • Super rare: Sky, Gemma, Cleo, Kit.
  • Rare: Lola, Poppy, Sierra, Cora, Roxy, Reese, Valerie
  • Adorable: Sedona, Tess, May, Mandy, Nori, Alana, Tate, Celine, Cammie, Krystal
  • Mystical: Leilani

Unboxing Blume Dolls

We’re gonna pop that. At the top you get a guard and a watering can. Explains everything that you need to do. So step one you want to remove the foil at the top. I Like the fact that each pot has a different color.

different colour blume doll pot

We’ve got stickers to decorate the inside pot. Put some water in our watering can.

Add water and she blumes



If you want to water this all over not in just one area and we’re ginna see this. WoW This magically go up! Let’s go ahead and take this one out. The doll is very beautiful and stylish. You can collect these 22 dolls and this is only the first series.

COLLECT ALL 22 Blume doll

Opening the toy you will find some hidden surprises. What kind of surprises are right in here. So we’ve got that outfitting shoes. We’ve got our cutesy little creature in this one and the purse.

cuty blume doll buy now online

Pay attention to the hair of dolls, they are squishy, which can be removed and play with them separately!

10+ surprises:

10 surprise inside blume pot

  • mini friend
  • sticker sheet
  • fashion accessories.


The retail price has become known. She is $ 9.88.

Release Date & Pre-Order Now

This toy can already be found on store shelves in the United States.

As for the online order:

  • Amazon start sales on August 1, 2019.
  • Walmart start sales on August 1, 2019.
  • Targer start sales on July 28, 2019

Also, you can already pre-order the doll now and become one of the first who receive it in the USA. To pre-order, follow the link:


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  1. Poor quality, foam hair tears easily, hard to open plastic without breaking, too much packaging (garbage), and overpriced

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