Barbie Hatch & Gather Egg Farm Playset 2022. All about new playset and Hatch doll

We have another novelty from Mattel. New Barbie playset, but not just an usuall playset, but an interactive playset. It has everything and more. This is not just a farm, but a whole game world with interesting features.

What’s is Hatch & Gather Egg Farm Playset

This is a dedicated farm. There are animals like chickens here. They have their own place on the farm, but they are not just chickens, they can lay eggs. Thanks to a special design, these eggs easily fall into the basket, straight from production.

This will be a fun activity for your child. Also, the chicken has a special place – an incubator where small cubs can appear. There is also a bunny and a cows. The child can not only play, but also feel like a real farmer. Like feeding the animals.

Yes, it’s real. The set contains plasticine and a form, thanks to which you can “grow” grass for animals. The form allows you to make green grass with plasticine and so many times. This is an unlimited process.

Features Hatch & Gather Egg Farm Playset

  • The set includes a new Barbie doll, which can only be purchased in this set
  • Lots of animal figurines
  • Egg incubator
  • Egg collection structure
  • Possibility to make grass for animals
  • Animal feed containers
  • Many different accessories for farmer role play

What included in set?

  • a Barbie doll
  • hatching habitat
  • 2 colors of plasticine
  • grass mold
  • shovel
  • bucket
  • basket
  • apples
  • baby rabbit
  • cows
  • 2 hens
  • 6 chickens

Release Date

This playset will available on April 24 from Amazon


Playset will cost $39.99

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