Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Dolls 2022. All about new dolls

You’ve never seen Barbies dolls like this before. This is a special series of dolls from Mattel. The theme of this series is the sea, or rather mermaids. There are 4 dolls in total. All dolls are different and unique. It will be difficult to choose one because all the dolls are simply adorable. Appearance, clothes, hair color of these dolls are different.

Features Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Dolls

  • Mermaids

Of course, we are accustomed to leading Barbie dolls slim with legs, but the manufacturers decided to surprise their fans and released a new, unique series of mermaid dolls. Instead of legs and dolls, a tail, like a true mermaid.

  • 4 new dolls

There are 4 new dolls in this Barbie series. Despite the same theme, all the dolls are completely different. The lower part of the body is bent at the doll, so you can even seat it despite the tail. Try to find your favorite.

  • Hair

Pink, blue, purple and very long – this is exactly what the new Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid dolls look like Like a real water princess, each doll has a diadem on her head.

  • Cloth

It is worth noting that the tail of all the dolls is different, not just different, but of a rainbow color. The upper part of all dolls is a different color.

Release Date & Price

According to the manufacturer, the release date of the dolls is very soon, but when exactly is still unknown. As soon as we have new information, we will let you know. The price for the doll is also unknown.

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