Barbie Dream Closet playset & doll included. 10+ storage areas, 2 story laundry shoot work station, mirror

The manufacturer Mattel in 2022 continues to delight us with its new exciting play sets. This time it’s an amazing portable playset called Dream Closet.

What is Barbie Dream Closet playset

This is a closed play set. It means, a great play area, but portable, you can take it everywhere with you and, if you wish, quickly open and play. The set also includes a doll, furniture and lots of clothes and accessories. This is truly a dream playhouse. It has everything and more: a new doll, great play areas, furniture and lots of clothes for different looks.

Now there is no need to play in only one place, all you need to do is fold the game set and open it anywhere, at home on the street or even in transport. The child will receive a lot of positive emotions and free time. An excellent gift for all occasions.

Features Barbie Dream Closet playset

  • New doll

The set includes a Barbie doll. Slim blonde with a great figure. All outfits on her will look very stylish.

  • Outfit

Just imagine over 400 possible outfits combos. Yes, it is true. There are so many clothes and accessories in playset

  • Areas

There are 10+ storage areas. There are so many furnitures in playset: laundry shoot work station, mirror, chairs. There are 2 levels.

Release date and Price

At the moment we do not know the date of sale of this game set and its price. As soon as we have this information, we will immediately share it with you.

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