Barbie Cutie Reveal 3 and 2 series. Release Date

Yesterday we told you great news – the Barbie company launches the start of sales Cutie Reveal 2 series. We told in detail how the second series will look like. What characters will be included. There will be the following characters:

  • Teddy Bear
  • Llama
  • Unicorn
  • Sloth

More about Cutie Reveal Series 2.

Release date Barbie Cutie Reveal 2

We are glad to announce that today we already know the release date of these sets for sale. Series 2 goes on sale in July 2022. Very soon you will be able to purchase one of these sets for yourself.

What is Barbie Cutie Reveal 3

As in the second series, in the 3rd series there will be 4 characters. Unique and inimitable character. At the moment we know exactly 3 out of 4 characters. In Barbie Cutie Reveal 3 series you will find:

  • Owl
  • Deer
  • Polar bear

We still don’t know who the fourth character will be. As soon as we know, we will inform you immediately.

Release date Barbie Cutie Reveal 3

Series 3rd goes on sale in October 2022

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