Barbie Color Reveal Pets from Mattel. Collect 6 new Barbie Pets & Try Water Reveal

The company Mattel recently released a new series of Barbie which called Barbie Color Reveal Chelsea dolls. Of course, each doll needs a true friend. Who can be better than a faithful and friendly pet? We present you a special series of toys from the line Barbie which called Barbie Color Reveal Pets.

What is Barbie Color Reveal Pets

This is a special series of toys with pets inside and of course water reveal. In total in the collection you will find 6 pets: cats and dogs. Each pet has its own accessories, each pet is individual, but the amount is the same – 2 accessories. These accessories will be a bag or bottle and an individual item. Pets are a real surprise.

Firstly, you do not know the last moment who you got. Secondly, you do not know the exact number of pets, because in some set there may even be two pets. Whether you get such a set depends only on your luck.

Manufacturers (Mattel) of course, did not forget about the most important thing – water test. A series of toys Barbie Color Reveal Pets also changes color in water. How does this happen? You need to unpack the kit and get the pink box in the shape of a heart. Prepare a container of water and load your packaging there.

Just a few movements in the water and the color of the pink box change – it will become transparent. Now you can take it from the water and look inside. Which pet do you get? All this is very fun and easy. Your child will appreciate such a birthday present or any other holiday present.

Another nice feature of the toys in this series is the container. After you get your pet out of the container do not rush to throw it away. In fact use containers you can build a real colorful tower. How exactly? Collect all the kits and collect all the containers. The containers are going to the tower like a lego constructor. Fun, isn’t it.

Features Barbie Color Reveal Pets

  • unique pets
  • customized accessories
  • the number of pets in the set (1 or 2)
  • water reveal
  • can build a tower of containers
  • all accessories are suitable for other pets in this series

Release Date Barbie Color Reveal Pets

You can buy such a pet very soon. Manufacturers don’t tell you exactly the dates, but reported that the start of sales will begin in the summer 2020. We can assume that you can buy Barbie Color Reveal Pets kit already in July or August 2020. As soon as we find out the exact date, we will inform you

Where to Buy & Price Barbie Color Reveal Pets

The price per set is already known. Just $4.99 per set. You can buy a set on Amazon, but there is no a link now. As soon as it becomes possible to make a pre-order, we will inform you and provide you a link

Short info

Age: 4+
Gender: Female
Size: ----
Regular price: $ 4.99
Start of sales:July or August, 2020
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart
Series:Barbie Pets

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