Barbie Chromatic Couture Kira exclusive doll to the TFDC 2022

This is not a doll but a dream. Just look at this amazing Barbie doll, her name is Kira. Kira is one of three Chromatic Couture series doll. It’s not just a doll, but Platinum Label doll. You can buy such a doll, but it’s difficult because the number of such dolls on sale is limited, or rather, only 1500 pieces. To buy Chromatic Couture Kira doll you need to hurry and a little luck.

Review Chromatic Couture Kira

Each doll from Chromatic Couture series has its own color. Thus, the previous dolls are blue and red, but Kira is a very bright doll, so her color is yellow. Everything is yellow here: clothes, shoes, hair color and even make-up.

The doll is very bright and positive. High boots and a mega stylish dress with a bright yellow make-up – she is simply charming. Hurry up to get a Chromatic Couture Kira doll for your collection

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