Barbie Сolor Reveal dolls with water 1 series. Changing Hair & Makeup + 7 Surprises inside

Today we will introduce you new Barbie with new features, like colour change. These are the brand-new color reveal Barbie, these are probably one of the coolest Barbie dolls ever. So let’s get them out of the box. To reveal these brand-new Barbie dolls not only can we reveal them with water but they color change and they have surprise accessories.


Features Barbie Сolor Reveal dolls

  • 5 new dolls in 1 series
  • cute and nice accessories (clothes, shoes)
  • in each set with such a doll there is a wig for doll
  • the doll changes its color (skin, hair) in water
  • thanks to the special sponge you can change the make-up of your doll
  • parts of body (arms, legs, even head) are moving

The box such doll like a tubes. When you unbox the box the doll. The doll is pink. We are sure you cannot wait to reveal these dolls. Now we can actually take each doll out of the tube. She’s like wrapped in her own little plastic baggie. On pack you will see a little water drop so this is going to be our little watercolor reveal.

The doll in tube is like a real Barbie that got totally spray-painted with bubblegum pink paint. You can still move her arms back and forth. You can’t see any features on her but you can move her head around and her legs. It is completely just covered in pink.

Also in tube you will find 7 surprises bag with accessories and of course a checklist and instructions.

Instruction how to reveal colour in your Barbie

To reveal the color of your Barbie doll you need to follow the instructions and do everything step by step:

  • Take the doll out of the tube
  • Add water in tube
  • Put the doll in water in a tube
  • Shake the doll in the water and the paint will wash off
  • Take out the doll and dry it
  • Your doll is ready but not final
  • Expand accessories and put on dolls (clothes, shoes)
  • Open the heart-shaped sponge bag and remove it.
  • Dip the sponge in a glass of cold water and wash the doll’s face
  • Wash doll hair

Important! Thanks to a special sponge and cold water, the doll’s hair color will change and a real make-up will appear.

Barbie Сolor Reveal – are special dolls. As soon as you unpack and remove the doll, the most interesting and unexpected thing will begin – the color and image change of the doll. Any girl will undoubtedly like such experiments and, most importantly, the end result is an amazing doll. Buy your doll, reveal its color, dress it up and most importantly do not forget about make-up and hairstyles. What doll will get you is a riddle.


You can buy a novelty in the world of Barbie soon, in December 2019. The exact date is not yet known, but as soon as it appears we will inform you. In the meantime, you can make a pre-order on Amazon in this charming doll. And as soon as the official sale arrives, you will be the first to purchase it. The price of one set is about ~ 34:99 US dollars.

Short Description:

Age: 3+
Gender: Female
Size: 9 * 4 * 30 cm (3.5 x 1.5 x 12 inches)
Regular price: $ 34.99
Start of sales:December, 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Target, Walmart

Video review Barbie Сolor Reveal. Unboxing all dolls 1 series

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