Baby Born Surprise Series 2. Color change!

The new edition of the Baby Born Surprise Series 2 gets white diapers with baby faces. Inside interesting pups hidden in new styles.

Baby Born Surprise rewiew & Unbox

In the second series of toys Baby Born Surprise there are seventeen variants of dolls. Each baby doll is “packed” in a beautiful envelope and ready for “discharge from the hospital”.

First remove the turquoise ribbon in the top of the package. Then open the plastic box in the back. Open a cute diaper and you will see a beautiful baby doll in a stylish outfit. Together with the doll you will get many surprises that unpack very interesting!

Who will you adopt?

In the second series you will find 12 different dolls for collecting. In the new release a large variety of hairstyles and hats on the heads of Baby Born. There are dolls with bows, bandages, caps, with a crown or a unicorn horn on the head, etc.

Each package contains about 10 surprises, including:

  • Big white diaper for baby (with print)
  • Bright “envelope” in a certain style
  • Collectible baby doll
  • Diaper for a doll that changes color in water
  • Toy bottle
  • Curious features of the baby doll “open your eyes” (you need to wipe them with a cloth) and urinate in the diaper (you need to give your baby some water)
  • Collector’s sheet with children’s games

Swaddied light, sleepy eyes. It’s your Baby Born Surprise! The smallest, sweetest little one. Add water for diaper fun. What color hair? Girl of Boy? Unwrap your little bundle of joy!

Full List of Baby Born Surprise Series 2

In the new collection of Baby Born Surprise Series 2 you can get:

Baby Born Surprise Series 2 Blind Bag Doll Color Change 003

Unicorn, Superhero Baby, Fairly Princess, Rocket Blue, Sunny Sunflower, Crystal Unicorn, Sweet Swimmer, Crunchy Carrot, Winter Snowbaby, Funny Hot Dog, Misty Mermaid, Surgarplum Princess, Laughing Lion, Spots, Blue Superbaby, Birthday Stripes and Exclusive Doll – Minty Sundae.

Baby Born Surprise Series 2 Blind Bag Doll Color Change 006

The collector’s sheet allows you to find out the name of the doll, as well as play different games. Here is the name of some of them:

  1. Hairstyles & Eye colors. Wash sleppy faces with water to reveal eye color!
  2. When’s My Birthday? Swaddle + Favorite Number = Baby’s Birthday.
  3. What’s My Name? Hair colour + Bottle = Name
  4. Diaper Bingo. Off the diaper you’ve collected to get Bingo!
  5. What’s My Star Sign?
  6. Color Change Diapers.  Find out what the name of the diaper is using the picture.
  7. Bottle – determines the sex of the baby.

Unwrap 10 +Surprises!

  • Snugly Swaddle
  • Color change diaper
  • Girl of Boy
  • Hair Style
  • Eye Color
  • And Marel

Baby Born Surprise Series 2 Blind Bag Doll Color Change 004

Release date & Pre-order Now:

In some American stores, the novelty has already appeared. In Amazon, the official release will take place on September 23.

Amazon Pre-order now 


The regular price for one doll of the second series is $ 12.99

Short Description: Where to Buy?

Manufacturer:Baby Born
Age: 3+
Gender: Unisex
Size: 5 x 9 x 12.5 cm (2 x 3.5 x 5 inches)
Regular price:$ 9.97 and highter
Start of sales:July 2019
Where to Buy?Amazon, Walmart, Target



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