[2022] New series Rainbow Dolls: Rainbow Shadow High dolls an eclipse is coming

We are glad to inform you that very soon all fans series Rainbow High Dolls will have a novelty. We talk about Rainbow High Shadow dolls. This new collection with 6 different characters will surprise and impress you. Watch out Rainbow High an eclipse is coming.

MGA Entertainment’s Rainbow High dolls were initially released in 2020 and feature characters that attend an elite high school for the visual arts. MGA’s Rainbow High animated series will continue in 2022 with new episodes, in which fans will get to meet students from Pacific Coast and Shadow High, two new high school.

Rainbow Shadow High Dolls 2022

Today you will see dolls at the first of the new series Rainbow Shadow High Dolls. The appearance of all 6 heroes is not yet known, the manufacturers hide this information, but the names of these dolls are known. Meet with

  • Rainbow High Shadow High EC doll
  • Rainbow High Shadow High GR doll
  • Rainbow High Shadow High DO doll
  • Rainbow High Shadow High OY doll
  • Rainbow High Shadow High TI doll
  • Rainbow High Shadow High SI doll

Features new dolls

  • new heroes
  • new accessories
  • dolls do not have necklaces or bracelets
  • dolls have beautiful long earrings
  • all parts of the doll’s body are moving
  • monocrome doll
  • body color of the dolls will range from black to various shades of gray

Release date Rainbow Shadow High

Undoubtedly, every fan of these dolls is looking forward to buying a novelty. When it can be done? According to the manufacturer, already in May 2022 everyone will be able to buy a doll from this series. As soon as it becomes possible to pre-order, we will put a link on the store.

Price for doll

Starting price is with $29.99

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