[2022] Barbie Totally Hair Star dolls 8.5 inch 15+ surprises. Dolls with color change feature

Friends! We have great news for you. Very soon the company will launch a new series of barbie dolls. These are not ordinary dolls, but with special features. There are 4 dolls in total, 4 new characters. The dolls are very different in appearance as well as surprises. Today we will introduce you to new products, I am sure you will find your favorite doll here.

Features Barbie Totally Hair Star dolls

  • Hair

All dolls have very long and thick hair. Each doll has strands of a different color. Do hair, change style – feel like a stylist

  • Accessories

The doll set has a number of accessories: a hairbrush, a bag, a vest, an elastic band for hair, glasses and a few special hair clips

  • Star hair clips

These are special hair clips, if they are placed in hot water, the color of the hair clips changes.

Review Barbie Totally Hair dolls

Doll number 1 is a beautiful blond with blue eyes. Her hair is very long with streaks of pink and blue color.

Doll number 2 is a golden hair doll with pink and purple streaks.

Doll number 3 is a doll with long wavy brown hair. Turquoise and pink strands in the hair add brightness to the doll.

Doll number 4. A bright, slender brunette with pink, yellow and turquoise strands.. Experiment, make hairstyles, new looks and pick up fashion styles for your doll

Release date

At the moment, the release date of these dolls for sale is still unknown. As soon as we have information and the price for the doll, we will immediately inform you.

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