[2022] Barbie Color Reveal Sunshine & Sprinkles. First look new dolls

As always, Barbie surprises and delights. New series Barbie Color Reveal Sunshine & Sprinkles. Many people are looking forward to this series in the sale and finally this moment has come. We present to your attention an overview Barbie Color Reveal Sunshine & Sprinkles dolls. This is a special series with many gifts and accessories.

  • The doll changes color in the water. What color is the doll you will know only after the experiment in the water.
  • Special wardrobe. The set includes special rain shoes and a special coat.
  • Each doll is sold separately. Each has its own accessories and its own appearance.

What color is your doll? Find out after experimenting with water. The set includes a special make-up sponge. Apply a wet sponge on the face and you will see how the doll’s makeup changes. And this is not all the features of this set of dolls. You can see more details here.

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